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Weather Update

Downton = SP5, Fordingbridge = SP6

Due to the foot and mouth incident there is an access restriction through South Charrford Farm. Parking is now allowed in the farm yard, Disinfectant must be used for boots and wellies and has been placed by the gate. Please respect farmers restrictions. - All other areas of the fishery are unaffected at this time so carry on fishing. Updates will be posted as received.

Tight Lines

Today Monday 23-07-07 I went to the river at Hale about midday, it was high coloured and still slowly rising, I saw a brolly by the Mistle toe covered tree,as I got closer a very wet camo' jacket stood up with a weighing sling, Brian Lowe was about to return his second 7lbs+ barbel of the morning.
Yesterday, Colin Gilson was float fishing for roach and dace downstream of Hale bridge, 2.5lb main line, 2lb bottom, 16 hook, stick float, had a bite and 25mins later landed a barbel of 12lbs 2oz! we all appreciate that this was an inconvenient nuisance when your trotting....... [thanks for the photo] several smaller barbel reported recently. Dace are showing in increasing numbers and there have been some bags to 30lbs at Hale, Charford and North street, a few roach to 1lb have shown in these bags..I heard of an 8lb bream from the lower end?. Roger Poole caught the second 7lb chub reported from Charford amongst a bag of 5, and Mike Kite had one of 6lbs 1oz, Bill Warner landed a Seatrout of 8lbs and a 5lb chub,also from Charford.
I hope those of you who are keeping quiet are doing as well.
Tight Lines

July 2nd 2007

River high coloured, an extremely unusual summer flood, which appears to have peaked, fortunately the fish seem unconcerned, Barbel catches have been good throughout the fishery with the largest fish at 11lbs, Chub of 6lb 9, and 6lb, head a long list of fives and many fours. A perch of 3lbs and some smaller ones were taken on lures.Some bags of roach to 1.5lbs have been taken at Charford.Trout fishing conditions remain poor though some fish to 2lbs have been netted,some warm dry evenings woul be nice!
Several reports of the otters seen at close quarters, ie 4 feet.
The Barn Owls are around but aren,t nesting this year.
Tight Lines
Lin Davis

18th May 2007

A further 400 brown trout were released into the river today.

Tight Lines - Lin.

20TH APRIL 2007

The first batch of 300 Brown Trout were released into the fishery on 20th of April 2007
Another Osprey has been seen and large flocks of Martins and Swallows are moving through,the tremendous hatches of Grannum are on going.

Tight Lines - Lin

March 3rd 2007


The river is high but well within the banks. Good chub have been coming out, and Gordon Page bagged a ten pound barbel last week. Not long left now,- I just hope there is not too much rain in this last few days.
Lin saw two otters at Hale last Friday and managed to get e few shots of one of them with his camera!

February 22nd 2007

I have just returned from a refreshing walk along our fishery at Hale. It is the most marvellous sunny morning and really quite warm. We had a fair bit of rain during the night which will work into the river today. The river is back well within the banks and is holding a good winter level. A nice comfortable tinge to the water as well, so it could fish very well. Some terrific chub have been caught in the past few weeks, - several over five pounds, a six, a six thirteen and Stephen Baker landed a seven pound specimen below Hale Bridge. There have been several reports of barbel catches, and of one or two big perch.
There seems to be a scarcity of "silver fish" again. These mild winters seem to attract the shoals into the sidestreams for early spawning. They will all re-appear as if someone has waved a magical wand when it is over.Sex is already starting to rear it's ugly head again as the waterbirds are starting to get territorial and duffing up the competition!
Next month we shall be keeping our eye out for a glimpse of an osprey as they pass through.It is usually during April, but with this mild weather I think we should be ready early.A couple of years ago one stayed at Hale for a couple of days.
Memberships are being renewed at the moment for April 1st. When you get your paperwork this year it will include a password for the Forum on this website.You will not need a registration name, - just use your own for any chat to other members.
Tight Lines for the end of the season!
Ken and Lin.

Friday 19th January 2007

It takes a brave angler to get out there at the moment! The river is over the bank in many places and is a little bit murky. I think a smelly bait is required or a good old worm!
I have had a few red letter days in such a flood ,- but the fish take some finding.The obvious is to head for a big slack somewhere, but seeking out those little tiny ones against the nearside bank can often bring a pleasant suprise. This is definitely the precise conditions that have led to very large roach being netted from this fishery in the past. Remember, - you often have to be uncomfortable to catch the big ones !
Tight Lines,
Ken Campbell

New Years Eve.
Torrential rain has now put the river firmly into flood conditions and there is plenty more forecast. We had been getting chub and dace in what was already a high river, but I think it will be unfishable for at least the rest of this week.

Lin and I wish you all Happy New Year !

Ken C.

December 7th 2006

We have certainly had a great deal of rain during the past month and the Avon is in flood in several places down the valley. Our fishery is not too bad and is definitely fishable at the moment. The strong colour has now fined down and the water temperature is hovering around 48 degrees. There are some lovely looking glides and I think there are rewards to be had for a trip to the banks! True, the wind can be a bit blustery and you need your brolly for those heavy showers,but I always noticed that a lot of extra special fish came to the net when we were a tad uncomfortable! - Go fishing!
Ken C.


November 2006

The rains came at last in the last week of October,-just at the right time, as the weed was weakening.The extra flow swept a lot of the weed away and a lot of accumulated debris went with it. As the levels settled and the river was fining down a few members and their guests held a little match,- nothing too serious.The winning weight was a little over thirty five pounds of dace with a couple of chub for good measure.Over one hundred pounds were caught in glorious sunny weather.The red letter day was concluded with a good meal and drinks at The Kings Arms in Downton.Some of the members stayed there for a few nights, where the Bar is given over to fishing tacke and fish pictures.
A few more barbel have been netted on North Street and above the salmon hut and a few very good chub up to five pounds twelve ounces.
We have had heavy rain for a few days now and the river has been coloured and high.It is starting to look good now though. Malcom Trim left Andover and was on the bank at Hale by dawn this morning.He was only able to stay for a short session, but was rewarded with his first barbel catch, a brace of five pounds and eight pounds. Remember, the majority of these fish have never seen a hook because of the light fishing pressure on this water for over thirty years.They fight harder than most.
More rain is forecast,- bring it on!!
Tight Lines,

October 2006

Long trotting has been the most effective method in the past few weeks,-good bags of dace have been much in evidence again.What dace they are too, with many of them only an ounce or two short of the magic pound mark.Some good five pound plus chub have been reported both at Hale and Woodgreen. Runaway monsters have been around at Woodgreen again! These must be large barbel or carp but ,like all monsters,they did not want their photograph taken so they got away.
The weed is gradually dying off and breaking away,so the water level has been dropping as well. This has increased the flow and gravel runs are now starting to appear. Groups of barbel and chub are being exposed in many places in the Fishery. The recent rains only had a short lived effect,-we could do with some more please.
Roach are putting in an appearance now,- a bag of a couple of dozen was taken towards the tail end of Hale last week.
With the runs that are appearing, we should now see the start of some good Autumn fishing.
Tight Lines,
Ken Campbell.

September 1st 2006

Large perch are now being spotted around the fishery in increasing numbers.Sightings have filtered in from Woodgreen, Hale bridge and Charford areas.Quite often they are present in groups of possibly six to ten fish. This is a very welcome return,as the perch had been markedly absent in any numbers for many years. The largest that I remember from our waters was a wonderful fish of three pounds fourteen ounces. I was fortunate enough to get three over three pounds at that time,- I had a lot more hair then as well!
The past few weeks have produced more good barbel for the few members that have visited.Several double figure fish have been netted,-the largest was a cracker of twelve pounds fourteen ounces for Matt Carter. We are now entering one of the best times of the season for barbel.
Traditional long-trotting continues to ensure good catches of dace with a sprinkling of roach from most areas in the fishery. Chub catches are good as well,with several well past five and a half pounds.
There are still good hatches of fly and we are still sighting a reasonable number of brown trout,-well worth "chucking the fluff" as they say!
I am pleased to say that the 'swimming season' seems to have run out of steam,-amen.
Tight Lines ,

August 13th 2006
The weather has turned considerably cooler in the last week or so,-much better fishing temperatures. We stood on Hale Bridge one evening recently and trickled some bait down into the river. Soon there was a large shoal of fish darting about on the shallows mopping up the food.There were some huge dace amongst them,-some probably close to the pound mark. We spotted quite a number of decent roach amongst them as the light started to fade.
More barbel have been figuring in recent catches and the first double of the season fell to Les Moxon. He had a nice bag of chub going close to five pounds and the barbel that weighed in at twelve and a quarter. Les is the member who equalled the chub record about six years ago with a monster of eight pounds ten ounces.The fish came from a swim a little way down from Hale Bridge.Les had just returned to river fishing at the time having been pre-occupied with carp for about ten years.Two weeks later a chub of seven pounds four ounces came from the tail of the same swim! That year two more sevens were netted in our waters, which I beleive is one of the finest chub waters on the Hampshire Avon.

Long-time member Chris Yates has just been chatting to me about his recent trip to Norway to game fish for the Discovery channel. His book on perch fishing is due out later this month,-should be a good read. He will be active on the syndicate waters pretty soon as he particularly likes to get to grips with our big barbel.

Ken Campbell.

August 4th 2006

The weed growth has accelerated dramatically in the excessive heat that we have experienced recently.The river is now at a good summer level and looks in fine fettle. Several evenings have seen large fly hatches and the surface has been alive with fish of all types feeding on them,- good to see. When this is happening it brings home the extent that the population of the fishery has increased.
The chub continue to oblige throughout the water, many reports of five pound fish, but I have not heard of a "six"! I do have reports of a few barbel up to eight and a half pounds, and a massive perch of three and a half pounds on a small spinner. Long trotting is producing good catches of dace on maggot, but this requires finer lines now that the water has become gin clear.
The work on the stream at Charford has continued -despite the unwelcome attentions of the horseflies in the hot and humid weather! We have had the entrance cleard out with a digger, Lin has done a great job of clearing the first hatches and also trimming the foliage all along the stream. It will soon be finished, and there is already a good flow through it.
Tight Lines ,
Ken Campbell

June 2006

The first two weeks of the new season have been quite enjoyable with plenty of dace, chub and carp being netted. The chub are really glorious Avon specimens and several over five pounds have been reported already. Quite a lot of perch have been seen and their comeback is now very well on track. The brown trout are still rising well to the mayfly.The best that has been landed is three and a half pounds, a cracking fish. Lin is busy on the Charford stream,-making it easier to fish.There are quite a lot of decent roach and chub up there as well.
The Fishery is supporting a larger head of fish each year,-proof that all the work that we did on side streams and stocking them has really paid off. It is very gratifying to watch shoals of fish in the stretch again.
There is not the usual amount of weed this year, so fishing is easier but the water level has suffered.The deeper swims down on Woodgreen are holding a lot of very large fish. If you are wanting a PB, that could the place to get it!
Tight Lines,
Ken Campbell.

May 2006

At last! The torrential rains of the last few days has already raised the water level by around fifteen inches. More rain is being forecast for the rest of this week, so I am starting to feel gently optimistic that the river is about to return to something approaching normal flows. The weed is starting to show in many stretches of the river,- although it is a little late this year. The weed growth will help in establishing a good Summer level.
Lin Davis has now retired from the E.A. and has started the river management on your fishery.Over forty years experience on the Avon means that it is in good hands. - Me? - I shall be pushing the pen and keeping the membership up. At least I leave the fishery, which I have run for thirty three years, in the best of care.
The brown trout were stocked towards the end of April and those members that have ventured forth to practice the gentle art of fly fishing have had some sport already.
Several thousand roach have also been recently introduced to assist in raising the population of this species. This means that eight to ten thousand roach have gone into our fishery in the last four years.
Soon be time to prepare the paths and banks for the start of the Coarse Season.
Remember to get your Licence!!
See you on the bank.
Ken Campbell.

15 Feb 2006

You will be pleased to know that the road from Downton to Woodgreen is open again, so it is easier to get to Hale Bridge from Downton now.
We have had a couple of good local rainfalls in the last few days and this has brought the river level up a foot. The weather had already turned warmer and barbel and chub were being caught . The water should start to fine tomorrow and I would expect some decent fish to figure in the catches again.
After such a prolonged period of low water it is good to see some "life" back in the river. Hope to see you on the bank, - we only have a month of the season to go!
Tight Lines,
Ken Campbell.

03 Feb 2006

When I walked upstream from Hale Bridge to Charford Weir to-day with my dog Bess, I envied her fur coat! A slight breeze blew from the North, bringing tears to my eyes that then ran down my frozen cheeks. My coat was fastenrd tightly right up to my neck, and I was pleased when the time came to turn round and retrace my steps, but with the wind in my back. There is nothing enjoyable in these dark cold days and it does not surprise me to see the banks devoid of members. The river has sunk to a new low and fishing is hard. The odd brave angler has been about in these very challenging conditions, and the reward has been the few chub and dace in the fading light at the end of the day.
The good news is that it is going to warm up a bit next week. If we could get the water temp. up a bit things would be different , I'm sure.
Our local pub,The Horse and Groom , in Woodgreen has just changed hands and is currently being spruced up.A local Mum and daughter wil be providing very good pub food,-they are experienced and you can be sure that a visit will be enjoyable when you are in the area.
Tight Lines
Ken Campbell

29th Dec. 2005

The combination of very low water levels and continuing frosts made for poor results during November. Members were scarcely seen on the banks of the fishery, and I could not blame them.
A few heavy rainfalls towards the end of the month raised the river considerably and things started to look a bit more lively.
More members have been about the banks of late and the results, though not Earth shattering, have picked up. Plenty of good chub have been netted to five pounds., with a smattering of large dace- some of which were nudging the pound mark,
Gordon Page had a good session last week bagging four chub to just over five pounds , and a couple of those big barbel at ten pounds and ten pounds six .
This is a good time for piking and those that have been doing so have had fish to fourteen pounds.
May I wish you all a Happy New Year. -

Ken Campbell


From 03/01/2006 water main works will mean that Hale Bridge is only accessible from Wood Green - This will continue for several weeks.


September 1st 2005

A long gap between info this time,-due to moving ISP and the upheaval that goes with it!
Weed has been a problem this year owing to the lack of winter flows and frosts. Luckily, we have plenty of deeper and clear stretches that still pay dividends,-many parts of the Avon have been badly choked and unfishable.
The Mayfly hatch at Hale this year has been about the best that I have seen in our thirty two years here.Some evenings there have been thousands in the sun when looking up to Charford weir.Fish were rising to them all over the river.
Not many members fly fished for the brown trout this season, but those that did mostly got it right and enjoyed some excellent sport on the dry fly and nymph. The best reported to me was a fine three pounder.
The river is alive with good quality dace which are being taken on long trotting "fine and far off",especially after the sun goes down.Some members have reported terrific catches of over a hundred fish in a session! This smacks of the Fifties and the Sixties ! I really do believe the Avon is on a massive uplift at last.
Plenty of roach showing and some corking chub reported,- the best so far being one of 6lbs 2ozs.
Vandals have wrecked the footbridge adjacent to Hale Bridge. We have patched it up ,but we are going to build a NEW one(expensive job) in the next week or two.
Pre-baiting for the barbel is starting now,Sept .is about the time when we have found they start to switch on. All we need is a few anglers on the bank!

Tight Lines, Ken Campbell.

April 19th 2005

The first salmon was grassed by Ted Maxted today, a nice fish of twelve pounds, which he returned to the water.It was his first session on Charford beat for six years, and he said that the lies haven't changed a bit.

The first stocking of brown trout has been carried out . These are from our new supplier, and are every bit as good as we used to get. Time for a little fly fishing,- but don't forget to get your new EA licence!


April 2005

The annual sampling carried out on the fishery by the Environment Agency was very encouraging as can be seen from the photos. It proved what a lot of us knew - we have a 5* chub and barbel stretch of the Avon. Chub were found everywhere, sometimes in large concentrations and well over five pounds. Barbel were turned up from the top to the bottom end, bolstering my belief that their population is much more numerous than thought. Large fish to over eleven pounds were present at Charford, and good fish turned up throughout Hale and Woodgreen. One of those that came to net at the bottom of the fishery went twelve and three quarter pounds ! Whilst it was being carried out, two salmon jumped clear at Charford, - both were fifteen pounds plus, and a pike was turned up at the bottom of Hale that was estimated to be close to 25lbs !

The exciting find though was the extent and area of the barbel population. If only the effort was more focussed, the results are there for the taking.


Annual Sampling Carried Out By The Environment Agency

March 2005

Another season has drawn to a close! It has been really pleasant to see a few of you on the banks in the last couple of weeks.

The painfully low water condition has prevailed right to the end. a pity, because the weather has not been too bad once the cold winds stopped. The "silver fish" such as dace and roach seem to have left the main river to go off to prepare for spawning, - hardly any were caught on our water. I checked around and it has been the same story all along the river.

Chub have obliged as usual, with fish up to six pounds being netted. Several good bags were taken, with notable ones by Mike Burke with five in a couple of hours the biggest going 5lbs 9ozs, and Roy Dinas bagging fifteen between 4lbs and 5lbs 10ozs, - his friend Phil also had five! I reckon they must have netted around a hundred pounds of chub on that day last week!

A few pike up to 17lbs were taken, and Pete Dovey phoned from the bank at Woodgreen to say that he had just landed a 17lbs 4oz mirror carp, and had also had a 9lbs common carp earlier on.

Well I hope you all enjoy the Close Season, I have no doubt the Little Lady has quite a few jobs lined up!

A few vacancies are there to be filled ready for our start of year.

Tight Lines ,

December 2004

We had a few frosts last week which did a bit of damage to the remaining weed, but there is still some left. Not really enough to be troublesome though. This change in the weather pattern is throwing everything topsy turvy. It is very hard to get amongst the dace now; we think that they must have shoaled very early and are all tucked away in tightly packed holes somewhere! Still plenty of chub obliging though, with a few good ones to over six pounds recorded. Several decent pike to eighteen pounds.

Lin had one of forty inches on two maggots and a sixteen hook,-took three and a half weeks to land!!!
We did a bit of clearance work just downstream of the stream outlet at the bottom of Hale.{ I was the supervisor and did all the grunting} This is a good barbel and roach area, so let us hope the effort pays dividends.

Tight Lines,

Ken Campbell.


The recent rains freshened things up a little. Barbel Bob took a nice 9-4 barbel from Hale. He also bagged a 16-8 pike a couple of days later,-we are going to have to watch him !
Dace and small roach are very much in evidence. The dace are really excellent,-typical big Avon dace that we used to catch years ago ! I am really looking forward to this Winter; I think it could prove an eyeopener as there is such an increase in the stock of the fishery.
Several good perch taken from Hale last week. Six in all,and all knocking towards two pounds in weight. NOW we are talking!!!! These Avon perch are magnificent !!
Plenty of rain of late has raised the river level and colour. The fishing will pick up for Winter now. The weed is drifting off with the increase in water pressure, so trotting is becoming more viable.

Tight Lines ,

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